Meet the Authors

I call Cleveland Park in NW DC my home. To me, DC is the love of my life and the top city to procrastinate in for hours. My favorite ways to waste time include: walking (why not procrastinate and be healthy?), trying new restaurants (even if it gets expensive), and having my own private dance party (VIP guest list entrance required).


I’m a Chipotle enthusiast and professional beach bum fluent in sarcasm. I’m the kind of person that comes up with instagram captions before I take my photos. My procrastination go-tos: stress baking cookies, putting items in my Amazon cart, and planning my future wedding on Pinterest.


I’m an avid day dreamer and procrastination professional. I’ll take up just about any excuse to avoid completing a task until I feel enough pressure to produce my best work. My personal favorite procrastination activities include: wandering the aisles of Trader Joe’s, keeping up with my favorite Instagram-famous dogs, and napping at the most opportune (and inopportune) times.


My field of study is business and art history. I like to procrastinate by frequenting the cupcake shops in Georgetown, exploring new areas, and wandering through Washington D.C’s many museums.


I’ve been procrastinating since 1994. You can find me participating in bottomless brunch (far too often), scouting out the best tacos and bbq the district has to offer (I am from Texas after all), and keeping up with travel blogs (I got that wanderlust y’all).