Are you the ULTIMATE DC Procrastinor?

To our loyal followers- thanks for living the procrastinator’s dream with us these past few months! Now’s your chance to test your knowledge of the BEST spots in DC with our ultimate procrastinator quiz! All of the answers below can be found in our previous posts, but even if you’re a first time reader, we challenge you to see how many you can guess correctly!

Are you the ULTIMATE DC procrastinator?  Find out below! Submit your answers to our Facebook page for a chance to win a sweet prize. Answers will be posted on Monday!

  1. WWGD?! Which of the following locations would George Washington be most likely to visit for entertainment on a day off? giphy
    • a.) AMC Loews Georgetown 14
    • b.) The Verizon Center
    • c.) The John F Kennedy Center for the Arts
    • d.) Shakespeare Theater Company
  2. It’s Tuesday, and all you can dream about is Tacos and Margaritas. Where should you go for the ultimate happy hour experience (hint: the answer is not home or the library)?giphy (1)
    • a.) Urbana
    • b.) El Centro
    • c.) Catch 15
    • d.) Madhatter
  3. How many secret doors does the O Street Mansion have hidden behind it’s walls? giphy (2)
    • a.) 70
    • b.) 80
    • c.) 50
    • d.) 60
  4.  You are craving both cupcakes and macaroons, but only have enough money for one. What would be the best place to make your sugar-binge wishes come true with a Mac Top Cupcake? giphy (3)
    • a.) Baked and Wired
    • b.) Georgetown Cupcakes
    • c.) Sticky Fingers
    • d.) Sweet Lobby
  5. You’re just not ready for the weekend festivities to end- let’s wine about it! Where can you go for an all-night Monday happy hour?giphy (4)
    • a.) Eno Wine Bar
    • b.) Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar
    • c.) Bin 1301 Wine Bar
    • d.) Cork Wine Bar
  6. You’ve procrastinated all of your papers for the semester and you’re stuck pulling an all-nighter. Where should you go the next morning for some Cuban Coffee or Red Eye drink to wake you up?giphy (5)
    • a.) Tryst
    • b.) The Coupe
    • c.) Baked & Wired
    • d.) Bakers and Baristas
  7. How late at night can you enjoy delicious tacos from Surfside?giphy (6)
    • a.) 10 pm
    • b.) 11 pm
    • c.) 12 am
    • d.) Whenever you want! They never close!
  8. If you went to Yards Park at the end of February, which type of large inflatable animal would you have seen? giphy (7).gif
    • a.) Hamsters
    • b.) Bunnies
    • c.) Cats
    • d.) Dogs
  9. How many years has the DC Independent Film Festival celebrated?giphy (8)
    • a.) 16
    • b.) 17
    • c.) 18
    • d.) 19
  10. Which of these activities can you do in DC? giphy (9)
    • a.) Sumo wrestle
    • b.) Fly kites on the National Mall
    • c.) Participate in an International Pillow Fight
    • d.) All of the above because DC is amazing!

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  1. ccarlin23 says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to find out the answers!


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