A PRO-crastinator’s guide to wasting time DC style: Weekend Adventures

Guys, let’s be real. Are Saturdays really for productivity? Not always… they can just as easily be about wasting time just to get through to another week. Well that is certainly how my Saturday was last weekend. But, I have some good news for our procrasti-nation: YOU CAN WASTE TIME WHILE HAVING LOTS OF FUN!!!! (And also by being slightly athletic, but that’s SUPER not the priority, right?)

My day started off in the typical #basic fashion with a cup of coffee from the bastion of coffee shops around the District of Columbia: Starbucks. But, it’s a Starbucks with a view! The National Zoo is right across the street, and I strolled through for a bit on my way home. Being so worn out from the weekend, it is important to walk to wake oneself up, and of course seeing some adorable pandas help with that.

After my adventure into nature, I walked up Connecticut Avenue to my neighborhood of Cleveland Park. The only neighborhood to be named for a person who ACTUALLY lived there, walking there brings you past some historic buildings like the Kennedy-Warren where Lyndon Johnson lived with his wife when he first came to DC as a Congressman. Yeah, I bet you fell asleep when the word historic popped up, but hey I’m a history nerd. Don’t knock it, but I think it’s uber cool (I’m never using that phrase again) to walk past buildings and through neighborhoods that are alive with gorgeous homes and buildings, and lots of history.

Then it’s down the hill to my apartment (there are so many hills in Cleveland Park!). I live in the middle of Rock Creek Park and there are often deer that run through the backyard of my building. Sometimes while watching TV, I see a deer mom and her babies running through. Sometimes some of the dogs in the building playfully chase them, it’s SO ADORABLE!

After a quick nap, I head down to the National Sculpture Garden to partake in some lunch in the outdoors with some friends. We then mosey on down to the National Kite Festival and watch hundreds of kites from Finding Nemo to dragons and Batman take charge of the skies. Sometimes, I like to feel like I’m a kite… so I pretend…



Hey, it kills time, right? AND IT IS A GORGEOUS PICTURE!!!!

After some time standing around and watching, and a couple ridiculous photos like this, I headed over to La Colombe Coffee in Chinatown for a refreshing drink. Of course, I stopped at Dolcezza in CityCenterDC along the way (lovin’ that Dark Chocolate gelato life) to get a refreshing treat since the day was getting warmer. Beer lovers BEWARE: La Colombe has this thing called a draft latte where they serve you a latte from a beer tap. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?!?! It also was so delicious! Definitely recommend stopping by; they have ample room to sit back and catch up with friends while enjoying delicious coffee and treats.

Suddenly, I received a text from my friend: “would you care to go to an art exhibit opening?” Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to seem super cultured and take in some cool art (while also killing time and getting a free beer!!!)? I headed on down to Eastern Market and went to this cool art exhibition at this hole-in-the-wall art gallery known as The Fridge.

fridge 2fridge 3fridge

A few of my pics from the exhibition

To round off the day, we partook in some delicious Matchbox Pizza along Barracks Row. Definitely recommend the chicken and pesto pizza and the spicy meatball one; but then again, all their food is amazing.

Grand total of time out of the house: around 10 hours. If you don’t want to sit at home plagued by all you have to do, create your own DC adventure! Trust me, there is SO much you can do that will make the hours fly by, and you may have a little fun while doing stuff.

Send us your DC adventures! Inbox us through our Facebook page and YOU may end up featured on District of Procrastination! Adventure on!


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