When Late Night Hunger Strikes: A Procrastinators Guide to the Best Late Night Foods in DC Neighborhoods

We’ve all been there. It’s 1:30am and you’re walking home after a night on the town when all of a sudden, hunger strikes. You don’t want healthy food, you need something greasy and delicious. And if you’re anything like me, you need it, and you need it now. Here are some of the best late night foods in different neighborhoods.

Foggy Bottom: Gallery (in Ivory)
I know it’s on GW campus, but if you’re on your way back to your dorm and there’s nothing else, Ivory is always there for you. I swear that there is nothing that a greasy BLT and fries with sriracha and ketchup can’t fix.

Dupont: Surfside
This taco place is open 24 hours and they’re lunch and dinner menu is just as good as their late-night breakfast menu. There’s usually always a pretty long line, but the breakfast tacos and chips and guac are worth it.

U Street: Jumbo Slice
Do you know what sounds good after a night of drinking and dancing? A greasy slice of pizza the size of your head. Not only will this satisfy all your late night cravings but you’ll also have a great Insta moment.

Adams Morgan: Amsterdam Falafel
Being so conveniently located and with great food, Amsterdam Falafel is a godsend. The falafel wraps are great but their fries with garlic cream are what bring me back. Make sure you have a friend with you so your drunken self knows how to top your falafel.

Virginia: 24 Hour KBBQ
This technically isn’t in DC, but it’s just an Uber ride away. And trust me, that Uber will be worth it once you’re sitting in front of a grill filled with raw meat and small plates of sides. Nothing will sober you up like piles of meat.

H St: &pizza
&pizza thankfully has lots of locations open late around DC. You’ll usually find them loud and crowded because everyone seems to find themselves wandering to the closest one after leaving the bar. You get to top your own pizza and then eat it all. The garlic oil is a game changer.

Chinatown: Wiseguy
Another pizza place. There has to be a correlation between state of drunkenness and pizza cravings. Wiseguy is a bit of a walk away, but imagining their slices of New York style pizza and garlic knots will help. They also have fresh parmesan you can grate on yourself – the more cheese the merrier.


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