Procrasti-tips for This Weekend

April Showers bring…

Procrastination. So I’m going to write this post to give you the absolute worst ideas for places to go… JUST KIDDING! HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! So after that horribly lame prank, let’s just jump right into the hits for your procrasti-weekend:

● Blossom Kite Festival: Celebrate “50 years of kite flying” and see some colorful and gorgeous creations soaring over the National Mall. Make a morning or an afternoon out of it since the event runs from 10 AM to 430 PM this Saturday. IT IS ALSO FREE PEOPLE!! Get out there and relive your childhood! More info here:


● International Pillow Fight Day: Who doesn’t love a good pillow fight? It’s just a very, very, largely, massively huge one… Head on down to the Washington Monument at 3 PM on Saturday to either partake or watch from a safe distance. You could also just bring a pillow down and fall asleep there… Find out more:


● See real life lawyers: Were you also addicted to that show “Making A Murderer”? Only the best way to procrastinate! See Steven Avery’s defense attorneys as part of their tour “A Conversation on Justice.” Shows start at 4 and 8 PM on Saturday. Tickets and other info can be found here:

● Sumo wrestle: Yeah… so apparently this is a thing. If you’ve ever dreamed of taking on three former Sumo champs, then here is your opportunity. Sumo-Sized Sunday will also have food from a Daikaya chef and who doesn’t love good food and sumo wrestlers??? Check it out:


● Ripe Festival: Head over to Right Proper Brewing Company for unlimited sampling of 40 local and international cheeses paired with some beers. Tickets are $40, which gets you: three beers, free Dolceza gelato… and… UNLIMITED CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!! For more information, click here:



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