We Tested Out a 3 Course Meal of 3 Ingredient Recipes and Here’s What We Thought

We’ve all seen the lists on Buzzfeed, “Amazing Recipes with only 3 Ingredients!!” Sounds too good to be true right? We set out on preparing the easiest 3 course dinner with a few of these 3 ingredient recipes. Here’s what we thought:

garlic cheese.png

Appetizer: Garlic Cheddar Biscuits
Difficulty: “Easy enough for a small child with adult supervision” because the hardest part is opening a can of biscuits
Flavor: 10/10 because it’s carbs with garlic, and cheese


Jenn: This was SO easy to make (biscuits in a can!) and they came out so fluffy and were perfect for dipping. The cheese on the inside AND outside is a genius idea.
Kaley: I wasn’t paying attention when Jenn was putting the biscuits together, so you can imagine the excitement I felt when I tore apart a biscuit only to discover a warm cheesy surprise in the center!
Would recommend? Yes! Your stomach will love you and you will have dreams of gooey cheese and fluffy biscuits for nights.

Main Dish: Tomato Soup
Difficulty: “Not rocket science but more like middle school chemistry science” because blending the soup together requires you to pay attention and make sure you’re not splattering soup everywhere
Flavor: 9/10 with a classic comforting tomatoey goodness


Jenn: Tomato soup is such a comfort food! It was so good with the biscuits but a little on the chunky side. Maybe blending it a little longer or adding some cream would make it more soup-y and less sauce-y. But still very good!
Kaley: I agree with Jenn, the flavors were all there but it was a little too chunky for my taste. I think longer in the blender would have been better, but I’d still eat it again.
Would recommend? Yes, but definitely not as convenient as canned/boxed tomato soup.

Side Dish: Skillet Chickpeas and Spinach
Difficulty: “Easy as turning on the stove and not burning stuff” because you literally put the contents in a pain and mix them around
Flavor: 8.5/10 for garlic veggie goodness


Jenn: This was a yummy side, but was nothing too special compared to the biscuits and soup. The garlic was key in this.
Kaley: I love vegetables so I really enjoyed this dish! The garlic was the shining star, and if you’re not a fan of spinach or chickpeas, there’s really no getting around this one.
Would recommend? Yes! Super easy, super filling, and super delicious for Meatless Mondays!

Dessert: Nutella Cake
Difficulty: “SO EASY” because it literally couldn’t be simpler
Flavor: 7/10 because it tasted good, but not as good as it did in my dreams


Jenn: I love nutella and I love cake so I thought this was foolproof. It was super easy to make, but it turned out more like chocolate cake instead of a Nutella-brownie like I was hoping. Putting extra Nutella on before you eat it is a must!
Kaley: I was a little disappointed by this one. It was good, but I too had my heart set on something gooey and brownie like, and this definitely has more of a cake consistency. I will say that I enjoyed it more after it sat in the fridge for a few hours!
Would recommend? Yes if you’re in a pinch for chocolate cake. Otherwise just keep some boxed brownie/cake mix and Nutella around.

 And there you have it: an easy and delicious meal made with a total of 14 ingredients for 4 unique dishes! Procrasti-cookers rejoice!!



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