7 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

If you’re not following dogs on Instagram, your life is being deprived of some seriously cute procrastination! Whether you are a casual a fan of animals, utterly obsessed with dogs, or are terribly allergic but wish you had a dog, these accounts are the perfect solution to all of your dog-loving problems!

Here are my top seven picks for must-follow dog accounts on instagram!

1) Doug the Pug: @itsdougthepug


Doug the Pug, also known as “The King of Pop Culture” is a three-year-old pug living in Nashville, TN. Arguably one of the most famous dogs on the internet, Doug is taking the world by storm one adorable costume, burrito blanket, and clever comment at a time! He has a way of highlighting the best and most basic scenarios of our lives. It’s hilarious how much more often I find myself relating to a pug than to other humans. He’ll brighten even the gloomiest of days with his sweet charm and much needed sass!

2) Manny the Frenchie: @manny_the_frenchie

Manny the Frenchie is a 4-year-old french bulldog from Chicago. One of the best things about Manny, among his adorable frenchie-talk, sink naps, and contagious smile, is that he’s a philanthropist! Manny raises awareness and money for dogs in need. If you think Manny is cute, just wait until you see him with his entire family- little brothers Frank, Philip and Liam (the twins), and his big sister Leila. This is the happiest little dog family you could dream of! Manny the Frenchie truly makes the world a better place.

3) The Dogist: @thedogist

The Dogist is basically Humans of New York, but for dogs! Elias Weiss Friedman has made it his mission to capture the beauty of dogs in everyday life as a tribute to the important impact they have on us. As a photo-documentary series, the Dogist presents the most magical photos of dogs you can imagine- you’ll feel all the feelings about our canine friends and be super impressed with the incredible photography.

4) Sid (My Regal Beagle): @myregalbeagle

Sid, the Dog Mayor of Austin, is one of the most adventurous dogs on the internet! You may recognize him as the pizza dog, with his most notable rise to fame being his incredible ability to hold food in his mouth without eating it (can your dog do this because mine definitely cannot?!). Sid has travelled around the world, climbing the highest mountains and the lowest valleys, but his greatest talent is his ability to melt your heart with his big puppy eyes, silly dog poses, and “I love you” in dogspeak.

5) Sir Charles Barkley: @barkleysircharles

Barkley is an adorable little guy hailing from Seattle. He is part french bulldog, part t-rex, part seal, and 100% perfect. Ok, so he’s not actually a t-rex or a seal, but you can see the resemblance in many of his pictures! Whether he’s posing for #UpsideDownTuesday, rooting for his favorite sports teams, rocking an awesome hoodie, or doing a #tbt to the days of Baby Barkley (I dare you to find me something cuter), Barkley is sure to fill your day with lots of smiles and lots of swag.

6) Zilkerbark

Zilkerbark is about the dogs that play and thrive in Austin’s Zilker Park. The account is run by none other than Sid’s (@myregalbeagle) human dad Alex, and I probably should have mentioned that Sid’s dad happens to be a professional photographer! Zilkerbark features stunning dog photography and videos that will make you cry tears of adorable, fluffy, dog-loving joy. Just check out one of the slow-motion running puppy videos and you’ll be a loyal follower for life (and/or hopping on the next plane to Austin, TX).

7) Three Corgis: @threecorgis

I have just two words for these three little corgis: FURRY BUTTS! Hambone, Cupcake, and Wolfgang are a hilarious trio of Pembroke Welsh Corgis based in California. They like wearing silly hats, racing with their tiny but mighty legs, and best of all, shaking their insanely cute furry corgi butts! You MUST follow them during Corgi Beach Party season and you’ll ask yourself how you can make your parties just as fun (hint: the answer is more corgis).


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