Not Starbucks – Most Inviting Coffee Shops in Washington D.C

All true procrastinators are caffeine dependent. Here are some non- Starbucks coffee shops to get that extra kick of caffeine. These coffee shops are best to visit when you are putting off your latest assignment.

1. Bakers and Baristas 

bake and baristas.png

This coffee shop has strong coffee that will keep you awake during your all nighters. This cute coffee shop also has desserts from Vienna. Wednesday nights have local musicians and are packed with interesting fun loving people that can relate to your procrastination ways.

2. M.E Swings 

me swings.png

Know throughout D.C for their coffee, this coffee shop is always packed. With its close proximity to the White House, M.E Swings is a great place to procrastinate with politicians.

3. Tryst


If Tryst’s Cuban Coffee or Red Eye drink doesn’t open up your eyes, I don’t know what will. With their inviting atmosphere and tasty eats, you may never want to leave.

4. Baked and Wired

baked and wired.png

I sometimes think that Baked and Wires coffee is better than their cupcakes! You can avoid the cupcake line to get their Stumptown coffee. Their dirty chai is memorable.

5. The Coupe 

the coupe.png

The Coupe is a massive coffee house in Columbia Heights. For an extra kick, choose between a mimosa, Irish coffee or the house bloody mary. This coffee shop is filled with young, hip people and is a great place to socialize.


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