The Pros for this Weekend

The Pro(crastination technique)s for This Weekend

Fellow souls desperate for something to do to while away the hours, we know what a struggle it’s been lately.  If you’re in school, there are midterms and papers galore while spring break looms around the corner.  If you’re in the real world, you’re staving off the bipolar weather hoping for warmer days ahead.  Isn’t it the perfect time to… waste time?  IT ALWAYS IS!  Here are our pro(crastination) tips for how to spend this weekend:

  • The Intersections Art Festival continues FOR THE LAST WEEKEND!  Check out the plethora of artists and shows continuing with performances in jazz, tango, theater and more.  You’ll be sorry you missed it… Check out more here:


  • DC Independent Film Festival:  Tired of procrastinating with big names with top actors and actresses?  Looking for something “the cool kids” would watch?  Head on out to the 18th year of this remarkable festival and check out films from all over the US and the world, many of which will premiere FOR THE FIRST TIME!  How cool is that?!  Watch some epic films and learn from filmmakers through various seminars and masterclasses.  Hone your movie skills while honing your being all cultural.  Shows run through the 13th of March all around the District.  Learn more here:
  • Light Yards at the Yards Park:  Ever want to take a selfie with an enormous bunny that’s lit up?!  WHO HASN’T?!!  Head on down to the Southeast Waterfront at Navy Yard to check out this cool art display which even was set to a live DJ’s beats!  This is the last weekend to check out some amazing temporary art so HEAD ON OVER NOW (or at least when it’s dark).  Light Yards is free and open to the public.  Check it out:


  • Catch a Capitals game:  FRIDAY NIGHT THEY ARE PLAYING THE NEW YORK RANGERS SO GET SUPER EXCITED!!!  EPIC BATTLE OF THE METRO AREAS!!!  Sorry… clearly some of us get excited about sports… but who doesn’t love the zoom zoom of a hockey puck whizzing around on ice while hockey players bump into each other?  Sounds like a perfect Friday night to me!  More information is available here:


  • Whitlow’s on Wilson’s 20th Anniversary:  Eager to head out of the District for the evening?  Head out to this popular Clarendon bar to try some newly released beer and hear some great live music.  The party starts at 7 PM on Friday and 9 PM on Saturday and… best of all… NO COVER!!!  Check it out:
  • Check out David Guetta in concert:  It’s Friday, Friday.  What does that mean?  Get down to some DJ beats… if you can find a ticket.  The event is SOLD OUT!  But we know our procrastinators have a way of getting things done… when they want to that is… More info here:
  • Celebrate the Persian New Year:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Celebrate and soak up some Persian culture at the Freer and Sackler Galleries this Saturday.  Food, art, a photo booth, sounds the perfect time to us!  Learn more here:   

Now go forth procrasti-nation and WASTE AWAY THE HOURS!!!!!  




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