Procrastinate with a Sugar Binge — Lesser Know Cupcake Shops in D.C

Everyone seems to frequent Georgetown for D.C’s yummy cupcake treats. In Georgetown, cupcake lines seem to wrap around the block. However, these cupcake shops are just as good (if not better), and contain a cute, cozy, procrastination worthy atmosphere. Bonus procrastination tip, walk to all of these shops (benefits health and wastes some time!)

1.Red Velvet Cupcakery

red velvet cupcakery.png

The Red Velvet Cupcakery has traditional cupcake flavors (vanilla, black velvet) made to perfection. These light cupcakes have the ideal cake to frosting ratio.  Sometimes they also have cakepops!

2.  The Sweet Lobby

sweet lobby.png

This adorable Eastern- Market Shop has the most unique, crazy, memorable flavors. Each day of the week has a new cupcake with seasonal specials. My personal favorites include Sweet Potato Marshmallow and Green Tea Pistachio. If you are feeling especially adventurous try their Mac Top Cupcakes. They are macaroon-topped cupcakes (and yes, they are totally awesome).

3. Sticky Fingers

sticky fingers.png

This award-winning bakery is smack in the middle of the up and coming Columbia Heights. Its fun atmosphere is accompanied by interesting vegan desserts (you would never know!) Be sure to try the Champagne Passion Fruit Cupcake. If you’re not feeling cupcaky at the moment, their sticky bun is delicious.

4. Cakelove

cake love.png

This hip U street store is a twist on a cupcake. Cakelove has a serving of cake and cream cheese in a jar. All ingredients are fresh and all are beyond sugar-binge worthy.

5. Pie Sisters (Not a cupcake but still worthy of a mention)

pie sisters.png

Nested in busy Georgetown, this pie store is just as good (if not better) than the cupcakes of Georgetown. They even have individual sized pies. They even have a s’mores pie!


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