Top Procrasti-tips for This Glorious DC Weekend

PROCRASTI-NATION ARE YOU READY?! Spring is in the air! With a projected 61 degrees on Sunday it is the perfect time to get outdoors and be lazy and put off what you don’t want to do! We’ve got all the hot spots and events for you, whether they be artsy, lazy or just plain fun. Check ‘em out:

  •  Jewish Film Festival: Curious to get in on some intellectual conversation while watching some great films that cover important issues AKA an intellectual procrastination (oh yes, it DOES exist indeed)? Head over to the AFI in Silver Spring to check out one of the largest and most respected Jewish film festivals in America. Shows run through March 6th so get in before tickets sell out! Check out more here:
  •  Intersections Arts Festival: Looking for a more chill and artsy way to spend time this weekend? Head on to the Atlas Performing Center to check out this new art festival featuring over 600 artists in over 100 performances in three weekends. Looking to save money? Not a problem, some events have free admission. Festival runs through March 6th. Check out more on their website:
  • Kennedy Center: Into Broadway music with a classical twist? Check out the National Symphony Orchestra teaming up with legends Darren Criss and Betsy Wolfe for a night of sensational covers of classic songs from Cabaret and beyond. Show is Friday February 27 so hop on the show tune train! Get your tickets here:
  • Gay/Bash: Who doesn’t like a good drag show to take up some time? Why not procrastinate with a little entertainment?! Gay/Bash, a wildly entertaining drag show, returns to the Black Cat with performances by some favorites, including Heidi Glüm and Salvadora Dali. The show (which you obviously cannot miss) is this Sunday, February 27th. More information can be found here:

Feeling like procrastinating in a more quiet way where it is less hectic and with less people? We gotchu, we like to be loners too sometimes. In that case, check out these ideas:

  • Walk/hike through Rock Creek Park: With endless miles of trails, both alongside roads and so far away you can’t even hear one car, get lost in the beauty of one of the largest city parks in the country. Wear some good walking shoes and take along a friend or loved one for some good conversation. Go on, BE ATHLETIC!
  • Tour Dumbarton Oaks House and Gardens: This splendid Georgetown mansion offers exquisite art and antiquities to all who pass through its magnificent and beautifully decorated rooms. When finished with the house, tour the gardens! While flowers may not be fully in bloom, it is the time of year it is free, so who doesn’t like that?! More info can be found here:

Now go forth and… procrastinate!!!


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  1. Rufus says:

    Great suggestions!! Will probably try one out this weekend 🙂


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