Stages of Owning an Adult Coloring Book

For a while now, it seems like adult coloring books have been all the rage. Instagrams of intricately detailed pictures and freshly sharpened color pencils draw you into the fad and seem like the perfect distraction from homework and life. Here’s what happened when I first learned about these coloring books and what happened afterwards.

Stage 1: Lust


It all started on a very bored afternoon. I was just perusing the Discover tab on Instagram when I came across a mesmerizing and colorful design. What is this beautiful creation? After looking up “#adultcoloringbook” and scrolling through posts for an embarassingly long time, I was hooked. I needed one. And I needed one now.

Stage 2: Pursuit


Did I actually get a coloring book then? Of course not, I just swiped back to the Discover page and got distracted by cute dogs. But it was a few weeks after, that I finally committed to walking to Barnes & Nobles to get myself one of these books. When I got there, there was a whole front table with a sign “Adult Coloring.” I’d hit the jackpot. I picked up one called Meditation Coloring. This is the best day of my life! I can’t wait to Instagram this!

Stage 3: Honeymoon Phase

honeymoon phase

I could barely contain my excitement as I skipped from Barnes & Nobles to CVS to pick up some colored pencils. The walk back to my dorm was spent flipping through the pages finding the  perfect first design to color. I sat at my desk, turned on some Netflix, pulled out my the new colored pencils and got to work. I feel so destressed. This is great. Life is great.

Stage 4: Reality Sets In

reality sets in.png

Approximately two minutes later, I realize the color combination that I chose was not matching what I had envisioned. WHERE IS MY ERASER. I furiously erase the pink and try my best to cover it up with another color. Two more minutes pass. Crap, am I not coloring in the right direction? I had started shading in the opposite direction of the image. ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION. This was starting to stress me out.

Stage 5: We’re on a Break

we're on a break.png

Approximately one hour after said coloring book was bought, it was abandoned. I’ll get back to it tomorrow. For a couple days afterward, I would pull out my coloring book and add little by little until FINALLY my first page was complete. 49 other pictures left, Jenn. This should only take you the next 5 years to finish. But then, the weekend came, and I didn’t need my coloring book to pass time, and instead it was put on my shelf. Days, weeks, months passed, and I had only returned back to it a few times, coloring for 5 minutes before ultimately moving onto something else. I don’t think we’re done forever, but for now, we’re on a break.


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