Unique Museums to Get Lost In

Unsure of how and where to procrastinate all of your weekend assignments away? Getting lost among unique artifacts, priceless paintings and hidden doors is the most educational way to procrastinate.  You just may not want to leave……

  1.  The O Street Mansion o st
    Get seriously lost in the five adjoining mansions. Wander through a log cabin, kitchens, and glass bathrooms. Everything in the mansion is up for grabs and for sale. An added bonus are the 70 secret doors hidden behind the walls…you never know what to expect.
  2.  The Renwick
    Be amazed at index cards that form mountains, strings that make a rainbow,   and insect covered walls. You’re Instagram followers will be seriously impressed.
  3.  The Phillips 
    View the boating party and the Rothko room while wandering through an old mansion. For an added bonus, procrastinate even more with a warm cup of coffee and piece of pie in Tryst.
  4. National Museum of the American Indian nat mu.png
    The building is not the only unique aspect of this museum. Explore the wondrous world of Indian art. They even have some interactive exhibits for all that extra time on your hands! If you are feeling particularly  adventurous (and hungry) try the Misitam Native Food Café. They have indigenous food from the Western Hemisphere that are cooked with cooking techniques from the region.
  5. The Hirshhorn
    Be amazed by the Hirshhorn’s unique architecture and captivating collection. Don’t miss Barbara Kruger’s instillation downstairs (it may make you a bit dizzy!)

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Gonna be in DC next week, definitely gonna check some of these out!!!


    1. Let us know which ones you end up visiting!


  2. KhanhP says:

    I can’t believe I’ve just found out this page today! Been to 3 out of 5 places above. Will definitely check number 1 out! Thank you for the post!


    1. Thank you for visiting our blog! Let us know if you end up visiting any more of the museums!


  3. Emily says:

    Did the smithsonian up its game?? Will be sure to check out the Hirschorn and the Renwick next time I’m in town. Super excited to see what’s new!


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