What would George Do? A Procrastinator’s Guide to Making the Most of your Presidential Day off

Presidents’ Day Weekend:  the time we reflect on the amazing accomplishments of successful leaders of the Free World, the time we realize we are grateful for Washington and Lincoln, but, most importantly, the valuable time we get to waste on a day off.  Confused about how to spend your day?  Here are some presidential ways even George would consider spending his own day off :

  • See a play at the Shakespeare Theatre Company:  George was a big patron of the arts and loved to go to the theatre often.  Pass time seeing a show from one of the top-ranked Shakespeare companies in the country.
  • Stroll through the National Zoo:  George was an avid horseman, and who doesn’t like spending time with horses (and other animals)??  And, best of all, IT IS FREE!! So  spend your time, but NOT your money, and wander past  animals from all over the world.  
    • BONUS PROCRASTINATION:  Wait in line to see Bei Bei the new baby panda.  That should take you HOURS, and it’s worth it!
  • Spend the night at home:  Washington was known to dislike drinking, gambling and smoking.  Make one of our Founding Fathers proud by wasting time lounging around from the comfort of your home! Forget about those plans to grab drinks or go clubbing with some friends.   (although are you really going to club?  IT’S A MONDAY GIRL!)
  • Visit the Washington Monument:  Who wouldn’t approve of you visiting their namesake monument?  I mean, c’mon…
  • Take in the view from Meridian Hill Park:  Apart from being a bangin’ politician and soldier, George Washington was a surveyor.  What better way to be like George then to “survey” the excellent views of the skyline of the city that bears his name?  Bring a blanket and take a snooze in the grass if you want to kill more time, or even a football/Frisbee if you want to kill time in a healthy way.   
  • Research the most random president you can think of:  I think George would want to know more about his successors… and who doesn’t get absolutely thrilled by the campaign of “Old Tippecanoe and Tyler too”?!

Follow any of these suggestions and you’re sure to have the most presidential procrastination-filled day off ever!


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