Valentines Day Pinterest Craft Review

Do you have a paper due next week? Do you have a midterm coming up? Now is the perfect time to put those off and instead channel your inner Martha Stewart. Here we review the top 5 Valentine’s themed crafts on Pinterest for you to procrastinate with. Happy crafting!

Valentine’s Day Mason Jars


Difficulty Level: so easy a 12 year old could do it!

Can you put a sticker on a mason jar? Can you use a paintbrush Then you’re more than capable of making this DIY. This is a great project because it looks pretty impressive considering how much time and effort you need to do it. Bonus: you can never go wrong with adding more glitter in your life.

Valentine’s Fortune Cookies


Difficulty Level: still pretty easy

This is a great craft and gift idea because everyone loves getting their fortune but how many people actually eat the cookie? Once you figure out how to make the first fortune “cookie,” the rest is smooth sailing. Plus you can customize the fortunes for your friends or significant others. I think it’d be a cool idea to make a giant one and put chocolate inside…because chocolate makes everything better.

DIY String Heart


Difficulty Level: Pinterest amateur

If you’ve been on Pinterest before, you know people are all about the nail-and-string art. This could be a fun gift or room decor idea. It’s not a difficult craft, but can take a while…which could be a good or bad thing. As long as you don’t tie your finger to a nail or run out of string midway, this project is achievable.

Crochet Hearts


Difficulty Level: budding Martha Stewart

To be quite honest, I don’t know what the point of these are. But if you go on Pinterest, a lot of crafts make me feel that way. These crochet hearts remind me of something I’d find around my grandma’s house and I don’t know how many college students actually crochet. But if you have hours (or days…or weeks…) to kill, go on YouTube to learn crochet basics and then make some of these hearts! Sure you might be 21, but everyone know you’re 65 at heart and you need some crochet hooks in your life.

Box of Chocolates Wreath


Difficulty Level: this belongs in a museum

THIS IS AMAZING. IT’S A WREATH THAT LOOKS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES. If you have the talent and skill to trick me into believing that styrofoam blocks are chocolate, you deserve a prize. This project requires you to be crafty and artsy (very different things), skills that I wished I had. If you want to seriously impress the people coming over to your place (or just the UPS man), this is the craft to go with. Bonus: this will take you longer than you’re willing to admit to people.


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